WSTS Subscription

Type of subscription
Price: 6.000 € (Pricing structure)
Price: 5.000 € (Pricing structure)
Data recipient
You can indicate up to 4 e-mail addresses for the notification of data releases. Please note that only the main subscriber will be able to change the registration details and will receive other general messages related to the account outside of the notification of data releases. A personal login will be communicated individually. The use of the login is strictly personal.
Second email address (CLOSE)
Third email address (CLOSE)
Fourth email address (CLOSE)
Billing information
WSTS Terms & Conditions

The subscriber login that you receive for accessing EECA-ESIA and WSTS data is to be used for your personal use only and is not to be shared with anyone inside or outside the subscriber's organisation. Each subscriber is allowed to obtain up to four ID's, but number one will remain the main point of contact for the subscription payment and terms & conditions.

The WSTS reports are for internal use only and may not be distributed in whole or part to outside third parties. The reports can be distributed internally within the subscriber's organisation with the exception of a division within the subscriber's organisation that is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of semiconductors.

Data extracted from the EECA-ESIA and WSTS reports may only be used in external reports after consultation of EECA-ESIA. Wherever published, WSTS must be named as the source.